Becoming a Referee
Referees needed for the world's game......"soccer"

Interested in becoming a FIFA referee that is rewarding and fun?  
 A referee is vital to any sporting event and the SCSA is always looking for new and veteran referees to join their team.  Becoming a referee is a simple process, but does require dedication, significant time devotion, and a desire to improve ones self. The first step to becoming a referee is to visit the Referee/Game Officials website, locate a desirable date/location for the classes, sign up for that specific class, attend all classes, and pass a written test.  There are several classes offered during certain months of the year, covering all of Kentucky, with several classes taking place in Louisville.  The SCSA has hosted several classes as well and intends to host another "entry" level class sometime in January 2016.  
      The SCSA recommends that all new referees attend an entry level grade 8 referee course, which allows you to referee all recreational games and most select/club games.  The entry level courses usually take (2) 8 hour days of classes and then a final written test administered at the end.  You must score a 75% or better to become officially licensed.  After the initial entry level class is passed then you will be required to take and pass an online "recertification" course every year.  The SCSA offers special study groups/training sessions before the entry level testing and has 1-2 meetings per season to give feedback, discuss the season, and help make our referee's experience a positive and rewarding one.  If you are interested in becoming a referee, please contact Jordan Heuglin at or 502 876-6336.