Coaching Info
   The SCFC is always in need of experienced coaches

    All SCFC coaches are required to hold a minimum of a State "D" coaching license to coach or assistant coach any SCFC U10 and above team.  If you would like more information regarding coaching licensing please visit KYSA Coaching information.  All SCFC coaches are paid professionals with various coaching experiences, but all meet the minimum requirements by US Youth Soccer and KYSA. Coaching pay is based on experience, licensing level, and expectations  
   All SCFC coaches are held to a high degree of ettiquette,standard of behavior on/off the fields, professionalism, sportsmanship, and are required to uphold all SCSA/SCFC policies and philosophies to the best of their abilities. The SCFC fully supports all coaches and maintains a high level of respect for them at all times.  If you would like to become a SCFC coach, please contact Michael Heuglin at 502 407-1214 or