The field's current status is highlighted in GREEN below.

Fields are currently OPEN.......For all training and games.
Fields are currently  CLOSED Train Only on Unlined Fields.......
Fields are currently CLOSED For ALL games/training..........
Waterford Park is  CLOSED for all activities..............

Explanation of field status:
    -OPEN:  all park space and lined fields are open for training and games for all teams.
           **The SCSA strongly recommends that all trainings, when possible, take place outside the lined fields**     
    -CLOSED for training only: All "lined fields" are off limits for training only, but games can be played as scheduled.
            **Please use all open park space other than lined fields for training/practices**
    -CLOSED for games/training:  All "lined fields" are off limits for training & games
            **Generally you may still practice/train but it must be in grassy areas not within the "lined fields".....No Games 
    -Waterford Park is CLOSED:  Park is closed for all activities