April 12, 2017

SCSA/SCFC continues to grow and sets a record!!

The SCSA started in 1997 with 2 licensed referees, 5-6 volunteer coaches/assistant coaches, and a little under 60 players as a league under the YMCA.  Our numbers dropped below 60 two seasons later, which caused the YMCA to pull out.  That is when a group of dedicated members officially formed the SCSA as its own Youth Sports club that decided to focus on soccer in 1998.  The number of players continued to grow each season by 10-15 players each which had Spencer County as one of the fastest growing soccer clubs in Kentucky for several years.  Growth is always a goal of the SCSA and any youth sports club.  By 2005 the club hit the 150 player mark, a major milestone and has never looked back.  In 2007, the SCSA formed SCFC (Spencer County Futbol Club which is the select league under the SCSA)and the numbers were consistantly between 200-275 players, which again marked another milestone that most never thought would be acheived.  Over the last few years the numbers have remained between 250-300 players and now in the spring of 2017 the SCSA has officially set and all-time record of 366 players (303 in recreational and 63 in select).  We wish to thank all of our players, parents, coaches, board members, and volunteers for making this possible, as we continue to grow, improve in the development of players, and promote the love for the game as an organization that strives to make a difference in a child's life.  Thanks to everyone for making a difference!!